Eco-worthy Lithium Battery

Why Lithium Battery?


Stronger Power
Up to 95% of their rated capacity while SLA batteries usually limited to 50%.


Longer Life
Up to 80% capacity for 3000 cycles in recommended conditions.


Half the Weight
Only 1/3 of the weight of a lead-acid battery, easy to move and install.


Wide Application
Suitable for RVs, Fish finders, Scooters, Industry, Hiking, Backup power supply ,etc.

Eco-worthy Lithium Battery

Provide powerful energy for specific motor vehicles

Kid's Motor Car

10Ah/20Ah Lithium battery can provide long-term and durable power for children's electric toys


20Ah/30Ah Lithium battery can be used on scooter,electric bike, and some small vehicles.

Electric Wheelchair

10Ah/20Ah/30Ah Lithium battery can be used in most intelligent electronic devices.

Golf Cart

Power your golf cart or tour guide car with full egergy.

Fish Finder

Will be your fishing partner to Provide electricity for fish finder.

Trolling Motor

Provide long-term and strong support for fishing vessel power

Worry about lack of electricity or inconvenient to get it ?

Lithium battery can provide energy storage for outdoor travel, small-scale agriculture and industrial use

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Long-term adventure

Suport you take adventure anywhere by sailing or drive an RV, keep your equipments always in charge

Go hiking

Small size, light and easy to carry, can provide you with sufficient power in the outdoor environment.

Home backup

Used for solar power supply of independent cabins and as an home backup; night lighting of farm chicken house; 24-hour continuous power monitoring equipment, etc

Product Features

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted.

Non slip surface

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14 days retrun-back guarantee 5 years warranty


What do customers say?

Used for my daughters powerwheel. it is good working


Our customer

Keep up the great work folks. I’m around batteries a lot and this is the best I’ve seen, period.

Daniel G Stevens

Our customer

good so far. everything it is supposed to be.

Shauna Long


Do you have any questions?

Does battery come with a charger?

No, it does not come with a charger we will recommend a suitable charger for you

If I chain five of 20Ah batteries would I get 100ah?

of course, you can connect 5 20Ah lithium iron phosphate batteries in parallel to get 12V 100Ah

Does the BMS have cold temp charging protection?

BMS has overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, short circuit protection and other performance, but does not have low temperature charging protection function. When the temperature is below freezing point, the battery will not be charged, but it can be discharged normally.

Can I charge directly from a 12v solar panel?

yes, you can charger directly from a 12v solar panel.

Can this be added and combined within AGM battery for car audio?

No, it cannot be used in combination with AGM batteries

What is the highest voltage that you can charge the battery?

Hello, the highest voltage to charge the battery is 15V, the standard voltage is 14.5V