Earth won’t wait.

Bring less harm to the planet. 
And we know we can’t do it alone, this needs all of us.

 Environment Action 

Slowing Climate Change

Controlling Chemical Substances

Conserving Resources

We reduce greenhouse gas emissions not just by selling clean power productivity (Solar panels) but also throughout product life cycles. We aim to provide environmentally conscious products and services.

We phase out and replace substances that may pose environmental risks in production while prohibiting suppliers from using specified substances, especially for battery production. We dedicate in producing more and more LiFePo4 batteries, to join the storage innovation and replace those unstable and environmental unfriendly Lead-Acid batteries.

We conserve resources by minimizing consumption and product life cycles. To reduce consumption, we make products lighter and improve workplace resource efficiency.

We have too many roads untraveled on Environment Protection

We don’t pretend that we’ve done enough.

GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emission is the main cause of climate change, Greenhouse gases are the gases which are responsible for causing the greenhouse effect. The main greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, which means mostly of fossil fuels emission.

We’re now at a critical time to convert the traditional fuel electricity into low-carbon one or carbon neutral electricity, solar energy, wind power, etc.


To slow down the climate change, Eco-Worthy initiate the clean power production program since 2007.

 So far, we’ve produced and supplied 9.8 million solar panels to customers all over the world, those panels generates totally more than 351 million clean solar power, not only for families, but also for the world.


What a pleasure that we’re not alone on the road to battle against climate change, with all people who utilize solar power production, or those who plan to do so, you’ve stepped forward to join the community.

 All those strength matters in this fight, whatever you use the clean power in off-grid or on-grid system. As long as any little sign of replacement for fossil fuels appears, the closer we’re building a better environment and life for ourselves, also the next generation.


Replace your old GEL battery with LiFePo4 type, get more charging cycle times.
Stable and low-toxic chemical substances inside, bring less usage risk for you, less pollution to the planet.
A win-win project for both you and the environment.