Series vs Parallel
Two connection ways of solar panels

Still don't know the differences of the series connection with parallel connection? In this video, we are going to show you two different ways to connect solar panels, in series and in parallel.

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The roof is looking busy now on the sprinter L3H2..... solar panels fitted, 2x 300W panels making great use of the space between the roof vents. Looking smart alongside the @dometic Heki 2 and the @maxxairvent Deluxe



Decided on a pre-made combiner box from #ecoworthyenergy as it seemed to be the most cost-effective option. String protection, overload protection and lightning protection all in one place. Seems well made. đŸ€”



The solar panel @ecoworthysolar is working well in Popcorn 🚍! Well done, Salty @papatimber!



Solar panels and wind turbine arrived thanks to Place2Place for bringing them!!


Solar Panel Day! Perfick sunny weather to install the @ecoworthysolar panels on the #citroenrelayconversion * * * #selfbuildcampervan #citroenrelaycamper #selfbuildcamper #campervanconversion #diycamper #diycamperconversion #solarpanels #ecoworthy #easterweekend2021 #easter #easterweekend #diycampervanproject #vanlifediaries #vanlifeuk #solarenergy


After 48 hours of steady snow, we are getting some sun! Now, usually we want snow, some snow, and also, snow. BUT, we have been waiting anxiously to try out our new solar! . . We opted for a 100w briefcase style from @ecoworthyenergy due to its mobility and fantastic reviews, including real world reviews from fellow travelers. . . Plugged it in when the batteries were at 12.8 within 5 minutes we were charging to 13.5! We are SOOOOOO close to hitting the road.

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**Note, the new ones sold now come with a bracket to help position the solar panel.**  

Mounting Combiner Box and Solar Cable Entry Gland

In this video, we will be showing you how we mounted our combiner box and solar cable entry glands. We tell you what wire we chose to go from the combiner box to the solar charge controller and why we chose it.